is a trusted secondary marketplace. Prices set by sellers may be above or below face value. Trusted secondary marketplace, prices may be above face value. Secondary marketplace, prices may be above face value.

100% Buyer Guarantee
Authentic, Accurate, and On Time

receive full-service customer care

Industry-leading customer support

We offer the industry’s best customer support. Reach our team by phone or online during extended business hours.

be safe and secure

Safe and secure payment processing

We process transactions in compliance with privacy and security standards, and conduct regular reviews to ensure that our customers are protected. Unlike other websites, we never share your credit card information with sellers.

delivered before the event

Tickets will arrive before the event

Regardless of where you live or when you buy your tickets, we guarantee you will receive them before the event. Most tickets are sent electronically or via secured courier UPS, but we also have a Special Delivery Services team capable of meeting you onsite.

valid and authentic

100% valid and authentic tickets

We partner with the top certified sellers in the industry. Your tickets will be valid and authentic or we will give you your money back.


Tickets are accurate in every order

Once your order is confirmed, we guarantee that your tickets will be the same, comparable or better than the ones you ordered. In the event that the exact tickets you ordered are no longer available and we are unable to procure comparable or better tickets, you will receive a full refund.

fully refunded for a canceled event

No-hassle compensation for cancelled events

If your event is cancelled for any reason, we will compensate you. For more information, please contact us at [email protected] or 888-729-4718 888-729-4718 888-729-4718.

For more information on our 100% Buyer Guarantee, see our terms and conditions. No refunds except for requests covered in our 100% Buyer Guarantee as detailed above and in our terms.